Thinking of getting a Ruby Engagement Ring?

Tips for getting an affordable Engagement Ring 

Weddings can be really expensive and people always seem to go out of their budget for one thing or the other. This turns out to be the biggest regret later on. To save you from this regret, there are a few guidelines that you need to be considerate about. Following these tips will help you save some cash on your wedding ring. 

Be strategic 

If you’re short on budget, but you really need a bigger stone such as ruby or diamond, you can get the same effect through a couple of reflective stones around the gem stone to make it appear larger. This also gives a unique look to the ring.  

Don’t go for the designers 

People often go for the designers just for the name of it. This is never a good option. A designer ring might be unique and beautiful, but if you can’t afford it easily, it’s simply not worth it. Instead, you can get amazing collection of designs if you search enough jewellers.  

Don’t go with the stereotypes 

People often fall prey to the marketing techniques of making it totally normal to spend a fortune on rings when you can’t afford it. Do not fall victim to those tactics. Be absolute clear about what you can afford and do not cross the defined budget.  

Look for coupons and discounts 

Before you buy the ring, look for any coupons or discounts offered by the shop. You might also want to check their discount season as most shops offer discount at a defined time of the year.  

Due to the absence of expenses of a real shop, the online companies offer wedding rings at a relatively lower rate than the shops in market. It would be convenient and cheaper to shop online. However, there is a good chance for fraud when buying online so be mindful of these companies. Look for only well-reputed companies.   

Top reasons to pick Ruby for your Engagement Ring 

Despite diamond being a symbol of engagement rings, another gemstone is giving a tough competition lately. Many people including famous celebrities are opting for the ruby instead of diamond in the wedding rings. Different celebrities have been seen wearing this ring. The list includes Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman, Rihanna and some others. Moreover, even some famous couples have been seeing using ruby on their wedding ring, for example, Mark Zuckerberg. The lower price isn’t the reason why these celebrities have decided to go for ruby instead of the trendy diamond ring. There are some qualities that you do not get from a diamond ring.  

Ruby is a durable stone 

A wedding ring is a piece of jewellery that you’ll be wearing a lot. This means it needs to be made of something that can bear such constant usage. A ruby stone fits perfect for that criteria as it is next to diamond when it comes to durability. They are tough and crack-free so you don’t have to worry about the damage. Also, they are heat and chemical resistant. 

It only comes in 1 colour  

Unlike most gemstones, ruby only comes in one colour, i.e. red. This makes it a unique stone that is ideal for usage on engagement rings. 

It’s valuable 

We mentioned ruby being relatively cheaper than diamond, but this statement shouldn’t be confused. Ruby is one of the most expensive gemstone due to its rarity and unique nature. Its value only increases over time and like diamond, there is a range of qualities and cuts that you can get according to your range.  

The colour 

Despite the fact that ruby only comes in red colour, there are some shades available, out of which some are more desirable than the rest. Generally, the dark blood-red ruby is preferred and is usually priced higher than the light-red coloured rubies. Sometimes, reflection of a secondary colour is also seen in ruby so the stronger the saturation of the secondary color, the lower its value is.    

How much a Ruby Engagement ring cost 

Ruby wedding rings are generally a popular choice because of the unique nature of the stone along with other pros of ruby, as discussed earlier. However, these benefits come at a price. Ruby is one of the most expensive gemstone and getting it for wedding ring can cost you some money. Although the final price depends on the cut, colour, clarity and other qualities, it usually costs around $1000 to get a ruby engagement rings.