Things to Consider for Ducted Heated Maintenance

If you consider the work you give to your ducted heating maintenance in Melbourne in during winters, it makes sense to clean kit thoroughly now and then. Majority of the people don’t even think about the maintenance and cleanness of ducted heated system. They ignore its important fully. It’s a wrong perception among the people that ducted system does not requires any maintained and cleanness. The only time when they feel, actually they need so badly to clean the ducted hated system is when they need to on or off these systems. But have you ever thought, what would happened to these ducts during this long period? 

Have you ever thought about how often your duct needs cleanness? Well there is no such hard and fast rule that can determine that after how much time you need to clean your duct, but if you observe its functionality you will be able to generalize the exact time.  

When it’s time to call the professionals: 

If you are sucked between whether to call a professional or do the maintenance of ducted heated system at your own, here are few signs that you should need to consult the expert. 

  • There might be mold growing fast inside the ducted heated system. If you are not able to see the dust or mold, you will be able to smell it. If the problem of mold is not properly handled it would be recurring, so it’s better to call the professional instead of taking risk. 
  •  If the duct is full of dirt and dust, it will be released into home. The debris is in large or excessive amount, you will not be able to remove it at your own.  
  • Sometimes the duct may be invested by unwanted guests like rats, mice or insects. Well definitely it is the time to call the professional because it will be dangerous for you now to solve this mess at your own.  
  • Your family members may feel allegoric, like coughing, sneezing and watery eyes when the ducted system is turned on. It’s better to consult the doctor in this case.  
  • Some people prefer to have the ducted system checked before buying any property. And it’s a good habit. 

When you are choosing a company for the maintenance of ducted heated system, go for the well reputed company, don’t go for the cheap quotes. Make sure the company’s professionalism will understand about what you exactly need. And if any kind of chemical treatment is required, make sure that they will guide you with all the safety precautions. The heating and cooling company is one of the best, well reputed company. If you choose them, your ducted system will be safe hands. 

What you can do at your own: 

If you didn’t notice any of the symptoms in your ducted heated system, you are able to clean your ducted system at your own. If you are living with kids and pets then you should check you duct system, regularly for surprises like crayons, chalks, foods, dander and toys.  

Here are few tips listed below to keep your ducted system clean at your own: 

  • Make it sure that your ducted heated system is fitted with a good quality air filter. Change this filter twice a year.  
  • Make removal of vent gates, wash them thoroughly with warm water and soap. Then allow them to dry completely.  
  • If you found anything large at the bottom of vent remove them. After this gently remove the remaining dust and decries. You should be careful at this stage. Do not damage the vent. 
  • If the vent looks dirty, then there is something that is spoiled down here. Clean it with the help of damp cloth and leave to dry thoroughly.  
  • For trapping dust and dirt, filters can be used. Clean these filters twice a month or once in a week at your own.  

Remember this that if your system is working fine and well, you do not to clean your system thoroughly at your own or to consult with a professional. If you are concerned with the energy consumption of your ducted heated system then make sure that you are on good energy plan, or to shift to one.