The Comprehensive Senior First Aid Training

First aid refers to the immediate medical service you provide to someone at the time of need that means when someone is injured or sick until full medical treatment is not available. First aid is enough for minor cases but if there is something serious, then you should continue with your first aid course until complete and advance medical care is available for that senior first aid training in Perth is imperative. 

The way you behave and provide first aid at the time of some serious patient condition is very important. Since, it is like a borderline between life and death. First, thing you have to do is to introduce yourself to the person who got an injury or feeling sick. After that tell him/her that you are a first aid provider and you are willing to help him. You must ask him to give you a permission, until that you can’t touch him/her. If you find a badly injured and confused person then begin with your first aid thinking that you are helping him, this is called “implied consent”. 

What is the Senior First Aid training? 

Senior first aid course will give you the knowledge and train you with the skills required to deal with any emergency situation. Hence, to be more specific, to provide first aid response at the time of need, provide life support management to the casualties, in a range of situation including: your home, office, workplace or within your community until the proper medication team does not arrive.  


If you don’t have time to take your route to attend proper classes and then come back to you home. But you really want to do this course in order to save in-need person at the time of emergency whether the person is your family member, your colleague or any stranger. Moreover, we appreciate your enthusiasm and good spirit of humanity, that is why this problem has its solution now. Even, if you don’t want to go to proper school, no worries, build your own classroom with: 

  • A laptop or personal computer 
  • An active internet connection 

Since the senior First aid learning course is available online. The theory related to every section of the course is delivered through the user-friendly online learning portal. After the competition of theory lectures, the student must attend the practical class for better knowledge of the theoretical concepts. It is not fatigue for you to visit only one day, once you complete with senior first aid course you will be awarded a certificate. 

The First aid kit 

Let’s talk about the first aid kit box. If you are making your own first aid kit for your home or purchasing a commercial first aid kit for your office or school or for the course. Then you should be aware of what are the basic but important tool that must be part of the First aid kit. Some essential tools of the first aid kit are: 

  • Basic types of bandage including, bandage, roller bandage, and tape bandage 
  • A gauze that must be sterilised  
  • Some swabs and antiseptic wipes 
  • Some absorbent compresses  
  • Antibiotic ointment  
  • Ointment for burns 
  • A chemical cold pack 
  • An eyewash and eye shield 
  • A guide of first and references that include all the local numbers and information. 

These are the basic but essential tools that must be a part of your first aid box. 


To complete your course and get the certificate, an assessment will be made to check out whether you have got the concepts correctly or not. A senior first aid student will be assessed based on practice skills and demonstrated, theory concepts will be assessed on the basis of quizzes and case study analysis. 

senior first aid training requires to perform practice demonstration on the adult manikin and on the floor. 


As the world is growing with speed, technology is also growing fast, medical equipment, treatments, and diagnosis are also changing. So, according to the current industry standard, a senior first aid course must be updated, whereas the CPR and first aid courses component are also updated on an annual basis. 


Once you have cleared all the obstacles for completing this course you will be awarded a nationally recognised statement of attainment-a certificate.