Should You Get Dermal Fillers For Your Skin? 

Dermal Fillers 

As you grow old, the wrinkles and other signs of skin-ageing become more of a concern. These signs are due to the loss in volume in the skin cells. The tissues thin out and form wrinkles on the face. It used to be a major concern of the women in early 40s, but with the advancement of technology, this problem is no longer incurable. There is the option of getting dermal fillers treatment for your skin that helps the skin tissues regain the lost volume to prevent any visible signs of ageing. These fillers can make your skin look younger by giving it a wrinkle-free look. 

Dermal fillers are materials that are injected in the skin to bring back the fresh, smooth and wrinkle free look that you had in your 20s. It restores the lost volume of the skin tissues and improves the overall facial contour. Millions of men and women undergo this treatment to restore their fresh skin. it is perfectly safe and isn’t a long complex treatment.  

Before the treatment 

Although the treatment of injecting dermal fillers poses no threat or risk, it is important that you have a thorough consultation session before going for the treatment. You need to inform your doctor about any allergies that you might have along with any OTC medicine that you take. Some of these medicines thin the blood which can affect the recovery time of the treatment. You need to discuss any allergy that you might have or any disease like diabetes. Also, the doctor will most likely ask for your medical history. All these measures are necessary in order to decide the right filler for your skin 

How it works? 

The treatment of injecting fillers in skin is quick process. The dermatologist will first clean the part of skin that needs to be treated. You will then be given an anaesthetic to numb the area for the treatment. Following this, the filler will be injected in the skin. Often the filler contains some anaesthetic ingredient as well, in order to reduce any discomfort during the treatment. Once the dermatologist has injected the desired about of filler into your skin, the treatment is finished. You will be able to feel the effects of the treatment right after it. Some immediate effects include swelling or light bruising. Once your treatment is complete, you can go back and continue your work. Though it is recommended that you avoid any physical activity following the treatment for a day at least.  

How long do the results last? 

The duration of how long the results last depends entirely on the filler that you used for your skin. Although the dermatologist adjusts the quantity of the filler based on its properties, but still, the type of filler defines the period for which its effects last. For example, the Hyaluronic acid fillers last only 6-12 months. These fillers are recommended to those who haven’t undergone any filler treatment before. On the contrary, the fat injections tend to last indefinitely. They give a permanent result and you do not need to keep coming to the dermatologist for sessions. If you do not wish to have the effects for a lifetime, you can go for synthetic fillers that last a couple of years. Ultimately, the type of filler you need will be the decision your dermatologist will make. However, it will be helpful for the dermatologist to choose the right filler if you share your wish regarding how longer it should last.   

Some considerations 

  • If you’ve made your mind to get a filler treatment, following are some of the tips that might come handy. 
  • Good fillers don’t show results that show abrupt change in your facial features.  
  • The techniques of injecting the filler vary greatly, depending on the dermatologist you choose so make sure you go for an experienced dermatologist for a detailed result. You can find plenty experienced dermatologists in Perth.
  • Know about past patients that the dermatologist has performed the treatment for. See the before-after pics if they are available. Do not rely on the word of mouth. 
  • There are different fillers for different purposes so it will be better if you ask the dermatologist about the type of filler you need. 
  • If you’ve got unpleasant results, there’s no need to panic. A good dermatologist can add another filler to neutralise the unwanted effects of the previous filler.  
  • Although Dermal Fillers Perth pose no risks, the treatment needs to be postponed if you are suffering from any kind of skin infection or if you’re pregnant. You need to discuss your medical condition in great detail with the dermatologist before getting an appointment for the treatment.