Guide To Planning DIY Wedding On A Budget

For some people, weddings are an extravagant affair, while for others, they want to cut back on it as much as they can. Whether you have a budget wedding or not, there are multiple places where you can help yourself and instead of paying the hiking prices, DIY to find a cheaper way out. Cutting down on the cost and expenditure, without compromising on the dreams and the quality of décor and stuff being bought for the wedding is what every couple dreams. Well, let us tell you, it isn’t that tough. You just have to be extra-attentive and see where costs can be minimized and where they can be eliminated altogether. So, keeping this in mind, let’s venture into some of the ways through which you can DIY and plan your wedding on a budget. Remember that these are just the tips, and some might work out for some, while others can totally not work, so be attentive and see what works best for you. 

Some Tips To Save Money! 

The guide has to start and take the major portion with the money saving tips, obviously. The first and foremost thing will be to ask for help. Yes, simple! Weddings are one of those occasions, when people usually love helping with the stuff. So, instead of outsourcing each and everything, make a list of all those things that can be done on your own with someone’s help. Once done, do look around for people who are your support system and will love to help you. For themed weddings like, if you are opting for  vintage wedding decorations, instead of scouring the markets and wasting your time, you can allot a day to web. What we mean here is go on the internet, find websites that sell or rent the stuff you need. You can also post on various Facebook groups where people who already have the things you need, can rent you out those for your big day. This way, you will be able to acquire everything in a fraction of price and you won’t have to buy something that won’t ever be used after your big day. If something is out of your budget like flowers and you do want them on your wedding, simply fake! Buy fake flowers instead of the fresh ones, so you save on money and maintain the sanctity of your décor theme as well. 

Money Saving Ideas: 

Now that you have realized money needs to be saved and have started applying tips and tricks to save it, here are a few ideas from our side to help you as well. As mentioned, if rustic or vintage is your theme, which is pretty IT at the moment, you have a lot of liberty to play around. You can simply pick up mismatched items and accessories and pair them together. Starting with the basic items that you spend a lot of money on, we can give you a few ideas. For the wedding cake or cupcake stand, you can make a cardboard purchase. Do not buy a porcelain equivalent that is popular, instead rustic vintage theme will go perfect with the cardboard cake stand. Another thing you can save money on, and what most of us tend to not know till the last moment is linen napkins. Linen can extremely be damaging to your pocket, so the better alternative will be paper napkins. You can even buy designed and printed paper napkins, so the outlooks remain great without spending a lot of money. Similarly, you can also use paper tablecloths and table runners as well. Lastly comes the favors, they are one of the things you have to give to everyone and they are going to cost a lot as well. The simple answer? Buy something that’s going to be under your budget. Sweets, chocolates or travel size off-the-counter products are your best bet here. 

Weddings do not have to be extravagant, if they aren’t in your budget. You do not have to splurge, as you can always find cheap alternatives to super expensive stuff. Hence, it is always better to look around for ways and means through which you can maintain the aura of your event while keeping the budget in your mind. Now that you have internet and online shopping, most of your woes are already being solved. What more do you want?