Choosing An Outfit For A Summer Party

When the warm months are approaching, it’s nice to start thinking about parties, activities and other events that you might be getting involved in. Whether your friends have already started to invite you to their summer parties or you’re thinking about throwing your own and want to make it extra special this year, one of the things you’ll need to think about is what exactly you’re going to wear. In order to impress and get your outfit just right, here are some of the things that you should consider when you’re choosing your clothes.  

 Think about the occasion and the type of party 

If the party is a dinner party or a more formal event, your clothing is going to be very different to what it would be if you were attending a more informal and casual party. Are you going to be hosting or attending a garden party? Is the party being hosted for a specific event or just because the weather is great and some friends want to get together? Think about the purpose and why the party is being held – this should give you a good indication as to what you should wear.  

Are there any activities taking place? 

If it is a party, there is likely to be plenty of dancing going on eventually, although it might be an afternoon garden party or day time event that you won’t really be drinking and dancing at. You can buy Shona Joy dresses which are perfect for the more formal parties in the summer, whether you’re outdoors or indoors and whether the party is during the day or in the evening. However, you should think about whether there are going to be any activities which require you to be able to move around easily. Lots of the dresses have movement in them so you won’t feel too restricted.  

Layer it up

If the party is outdoors or it’s a mixture of indoors and outdoors during the evening, remember that you might get slightly chillier as the temperature drops and it gets later. Rather than wearing something warmer so that you can stay at a comfortable temperature later on into the night, take an extra thin layer. This will allow you to wear something over your shoulders and your arms if necessary, but you won’t be restricted to wearing it all throughout the party.  

Stay cooler even at formal parties

The trend seems to be that if the party is more formal than informal, black is always a good colour to go with. However, since black is opaque, it is also the warmest colour that you could possibly wear, meaning that it’s probably not the best choice in the summer. Either wear lace or chiffon material that allows your skin to breathe more, or opt for a lighter colour while still remaining formal – this is absolutely possible and can usually be made easier by choosing laced Alex Perry dresses.