Best cosmetic promotional bags online

If your customers or clients like to travel a lot, then gift them a promotional cosmetic bag. They’ll appreciate you a lot. These bags can easily hold all the necessary cosmetics. You can carry such bags either in a hand or in a suitcase. Hence, these calico bags wholesale will create an added convenience in some one’s life and will be the best method to run a successful business. Moreover, these bags are very easy to find, you can just google it and go for the variety of promotional bags online. 

What to Consider Before Buying Cosmetic Promotional Bags Online 

If you are intending to buy a cosmetic promotional bag online, there are certain things to consider like 

1. Size 

This is a reality that a makeup artist or the fashion-minded women have to choose size over style. If you are already having a big bag to carry all the necessary amenities, then this time it is best to go for the handy, small and virtually fit everywhere bag. Some brands like Barrett, Bloom, and Allison serves the best in this regard. 

2.Separate Compartments 

It will be feasible for you if you have the bag with proper compartments. So, you can equip different concealers, brushes, and other tidbits in a tidy and orderly manner. So, it is better to think before you invest and examine each compartment to keep away the things from having damage. 

3.Should Reflect your style 

Majorly, Cosmetic bags should reflect your sense of fashion and style. Since, you may have an array of sizes, designs, and colors on online shops. Select the bags that are made with a variety of attractive designs. 


You may have the chance to buy different custom bags whose price doesn’t satisfy the quality it offers, so conscious about it. Some bags are sometimes free with the makeup products you purchase and are of top quality, so don’t overpay. 


It’s better to check durability when you are going for online shopping for bags. The bag should be strong, and sturdy, and water-resistant particularly while traveling. 

Top Examples of Cosmetic Promotional Bags Online 

1 Promotional Travel Bag-TSA 

TSA is strongly committed to build and design sturdy, solid and functional products. Through the decades, their professionals are famous in building a variety of fancy, sleeves, bags, and cases. Their brand speaks for itself -TSA by providing quality bags for an easier lifestyle. Their clear promotional bag will speed up the process of screening in the airport while traveling. TSA has brought the quarter-sized clear bag to hold your gels, creams, and liquids. 

2.Arlington Cosmetic Bag 

Grab all of your cosmetics in this handsome-looking bag. It is lightly padded and fully lined to protect your material. It is roomy and large enough to hold your large cosmetic compacts, a brush. You can use it as a travel bag and can fit several personal hygiene, and thin tights in this bag. It is designed in a perfect way to allure you and catch your eyes. It is made up of canvas and PVC leather with 3’’ to 1-1/2’’ print area. 

Accessories Bags by Hannah 

This bag is featured with an interior zipper pocket, full zip closure coordinated with accent piping along with edges, and on the front of the bag, there is a black leatherette patch for the logo or imprint of your desired. 

4.Cosmetic Bag by Microfiber 

They are mainly equipped with outside, inside and a main zippered compartment. You can include your desired imprint on the front center in any of the standard colors. 

5. Poly Easter Overnight Travel Bag 

This is the ideal gift for your frequent traveler client, and customer. Interiorly it is equipped with a large mesh, waterproof, and zippered pocket, and can also be supported with the attached hanger. The bag also includes side grabs handles and side mesh pockets. Your custom imprints can be in any colors and multiple locations. 

Conclusively, Promotional bags are the best innovation. Promotional bags will win the visibility of thousands of brands always. It’s a clever way to deliver the message to the target audience. They boost marketing because most people carry them while on the move. Promotional bags will serve a purpose not only to carry your belongings but also to promote your brand.