A Newborn Essential Guide Before Your Firstborn

As far as the firstborn is concerned, the mommies to be always are a bit confused as to which thing they must buy and which thing they should not. From finding accessories that can help you with feeding the baby to finding the coziest and cutest clothes, the first-time mothers are always the most excited to get the baby stuff. However, once you step out in the market or even go online, there are a lot of things that will leave you completely boggled. Don’t worry, because welcoming your little one in this world is definitely going to be one of the most beautiful times of your life. We know it will be hard for you to adjust into the new mommy routine, and this is why, we are here to help you. Let us help you with the essentials that will help the first-time mommies in easing their new life. 

Feeding, Bathing & Sleeping: 

Feeding, bathing and sleeping, these are the three utmost important things for the baby. Basically, these will be the only three things you will be doing for a long time. It doesn’t matter if you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby, it is essential that you make it as comfortable as possible for you and the new baby. Buy a stylish nursing bra, nipple shields and cream to make the process easier. If you are bottle feeding, pick numerous bottles and teats to check which ones are more suitable as per the baby’s taste. Buy a steriliser as well to keep them germ free. You can also buy a Sophie giraffe, so once the baby has grown enough, you can keep them entertained with it. Coming to the second part of this heading, at first, the newborns only have to be washed using a sponge. It is like a quick top and tail wash. But, within a month or a very little time, they will move on towards a good splash in the bath. Or that, you must buy bath support, a non-slip mat and soft towels in advance. Finally, for newborn babies, sleeping is the most important part, because all they do is sleep. It is best suggested that they sleep with you for the first six months, so you can monitor their health and sleep activity, and put an end to their endless feeding & pooping woes.  

Baby Proofing & Baby Care: 

Before your little one arrives, taking care of the safety and the other particulars is mandatory. The wisest thing is to babyproof your house completely before you bring them home. Though it all depends on your house, furniture, and the setting, some of the things you need to consider are mentioned in this paragraph. Bring in baby monitors, medical thermometer and a baby illness book so you can find out on your own why the baby is wailing at odd hours. Keep a first-aid kid just in case as well. Similarly, buy stair gates, play pens, plug socket covers, fireguards, because these are required, and you can never be so sure. Moving on towards the things that would help you with the baby care, the foremost is to buy a car seat. Newborn baby seats can easily last you for a year, so it is okay if you buy them in advance. They will help you a lot in baby transportation and you extremely need them for baby protection. In the same category comes the prams and strollers. You need the former because adjusting to the new mother routine with a baby wailing throughout the nights will get the best of you as well. The pram will be a handy thing to keep your little one entertained. It will give you a bit of comfort, as you can just keep the junior you inside it to relax for a bit. 

Clothes & Nappy Changes: 

While these are two things mothers don’t need help with but consider it as your checklist. At the beginning, your baby clothing essentials include several pair of socks, sleepsuits, body suits, mitts, hat and blankets. You should customize the wardrobe as per the weather as well. For nappy changes, you need a bit of equipment to help you out, because they are quite frequent at the beginning. Buy good quality nappies in bulk, nappy sacks, baby wipes, nappy bin, changing mat and a nappy rash cream. We are sure all of these will help you. Good luck!